Cat clothing by Feline Designs. Hoodies and T-shirts for Cat lovers.

Our original designs include:
Easily Distracted by Cats, Cat Man, The Mogfather, Pawesome, Cat Mum & Large & in Charge & It’s Going To Be A Cats & Wine Kind Of Day.

All year round our stall visits most cat shows in the UK, such as those with Londoncats Limited & The GCCS Supreme Cat Show.
Keep an eye on the website for the latest designs, and some returning classics.

Here’s a few more of cat clothing originals:
I Don’t Do Mouse Work, Cats Make Me Smile, Life Without Cats? I Don’t Think So! Cats Leave Pawprints On Your Heart, I Don’t Need Therapy I Just Need To Be With My Cat, The Best Things In Life Are Cats & Cat Hair? Don’t Care!

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